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Tax Preparation

We can help you deal with your tax obligations responsibly and efficiently. We can help you with any and all nature of tax filings required of your business, including your personal/small business, corporate and GST/HST filing. We can even help you navigate the sometimes tricky payroll obligations by helping you stay on top of your remittances. We are willing to work with you on an as needed basis or to set up more frequent engagements suited to your business and your needs. Our pricing is competitive and our experience makes sure you can trust our work. Call us for details or to set up a free consultation.

Here at RBFS, your financial well-being is on the top of our priority list. Whether you are a new start up, sole proprietor, contractor or corporation we are here to meet your financial needs. Business can be complex, while you focus on the practical day to day activity, RBFS will focus on the financial aspect. RBFS will analyze the ‘big picture’ of your business goals and work towards maintaining and improving your financial position.

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